Director Reinhard Auer from Liberty Theater of Bolzano was a guest of Conference 2019


Director Reinhard Auer of the „Freies Theater Bozen“ (Liberty Theater of Bolzano) from North Italian province of Alto Adige, a theater of native German speaking theater makers (means an ethical and linguistic minority in Italy), introduced the theater to the audience of European Conference devoted to Minority and Local Media 2019 in Novi Sad.


Reinhard Auer


Alto Adige is a former part of Habsburg-Austrian landscape Tyrol and since 100 years incorporated in Italy as now autonomous province. The result is an independence in the fields of economy, social life, policy and culture too. The FTB is well known since his 25 years of existence as a professional company with a team of collaborators of 4-6 countries and has produced in these years 38 theater plays and performed them in 19 towns and villages in the country, but also 7 of them in 12 foreign countries.


The theater has started as company with contemporary drama seasons in 1993 and continued in 1998 with plays of German and Austrian classics. The most productions are directed by Vienese director Reinhard Auer and with South Tyrolean actress Gabriele Langes as protagonist.


Liberty Theater of Bolzano

The theater has also participate in some festivals of minority language theaters, for example in festival in Novi Sad “Synergy” 2019 and has also experiences with mixed audiences. Especially young spectators like the theater for his engaged and passionate performances of strong elaboration of the gesture potential of theater texts.