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Erasmus+ program “Engaging Youth in a Digital Green Future”


During the implementation of the Erasmus+ program “Engaging Youth in a Digital Green Future” educators from the participating organizations DARNOJE (Lithuania), Inercia Digital (Spain), MLMDC (Serbia), KDETYD (Greece) attended the training seminar “Sustainable Development and Education” held in Huelva from 13 to 17 February 2023 by educational organization Inercia Digital.


The course was well structured around sustainable development issues, in line with the SDG 2030, such as climate change, poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation and social equity. It also highlights the role of education in promoting sustainable development and the challenges that need to be addressed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


The instructor, Oscar, was knowledgeable and experienced, providing valuable insight and perspective on the subject. The course was interactive and the instructor encouraged participants to share their thoughts and experiences. The discussions provided a deeper understanding of the topic as we all shared our views and different views on the topic, also it was mentioned how Sustainable Development is addressed in the four countries: Greece, Serbia, Lithuania and Spain.


The material on the moodle platform was comprehensive and well organized, making it easy to follow the lectures and understand the key concepts.


The training was completed with the evaluation of the trainees through the Inercia Moodle platform.