Shall We Start Play-offs?

The fourth European conference dedicated to the minority and local media is the ninth event within this communication platform. It is focused on “The Future and Communication” as its main topic, attempting to envelope the past, the present and artistic creativity and consider inspiration as a phenomenon forming and changing societies. All levels of communication get compressed.

It seems that the words starting with ‘I’ are drivers: inspiration, innovation, involvement, interest, illumination, information…

Inspired by changes happening this year, we are preparing something new and refreshing.

We are being thoroughly shaken up and going through deep introspection at all levels of our existence: as persons, as employees, as employers, as members of one group or another we believe we belong to, as parents, as children, as friends, as citizens, as readers, as viewers, as listeners… as whatnot.

When the dust settles, and it is settling… we have gained half-year experience of pandemic life, and have come to distinguish two types of people, that is, two major approaches to the present and the future: the people who are ‘waiting for all of it to pass’ and things return to the way they used to be, and the people who accept that ‘nothing is ever going to be the same’ and that reorganising living and working and generally being in the world is an unremittent necessity and, at the same time, a great chance for growth and progress.

I belong among the latter.

I have been thinking a lot in the recent months about how to organise the November conference. I felt instinctively that the good old approach was so ‘out of style’ that the very thought of it made me shiver.

The offered reality in Zoom conferences equally fails to be fulfilling for me. I admit that they have made a lot of things possible, in terms of availability of contents that would have never been so accessible to me.

In the world of my values there is still this: meh.

Fortunately, we live in the age when we can pick the elements for our communicational bouquet from a large ‘buffet’ offered by communication. So, you can expect an unusual bouquet from us.

Then and only then, when we are in peace with our own selves and our values in terms of identity, we create a new quality.

Shall we start play-offs?

I like very much the entertaining content produced consistently on networks by several friends of mine, so I am starting my own Nata’s philosophical brain-teaser.

The first exercise

Create a Movement’

Imagine and draw a movement. Then imagine and draw the drivers starting with ‘I’ that were mentioned at the beginning of the text, add some more you like and/or combine sentences with the drivers.

How do you like your movement?

Today, my movement is as follows:

Inspiration is involving. So is innovation.

Are we interested in illumination or we are interested in information?

Nataša Heror