The fourth European Conference Devoted to Minority and Local Media: FUTURE & COMMUNICATION

November 26-27th 2020

Cultural Station “Svilara”, Đorđa Rajkovića 6b, Novi Sad


Heror Media Pont, Magyar Szó, Storyteller, Hrvatska riječ, Minority and Local Media Development Centre, Media Association

in collaboration with FUEN and ECMI

with a support of MIDAS


Ministry of Culture and Information, Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities, Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities-National Communities, City Council of Novi Sad in charge for Culture, Foundation Novi Sad ECoC 2021

The fourth European Conference Devoted to Minority and Local Media is the 9th event of this communication platform and this year it focuses on the main topic Future & Communication, including the past and artistic production seen through this prism, and observing inspiration as phenomena that creates and changes societies. We are bringing together all levels of communication.


We will present the contemporary co-productions in various media formats as a result of our previous events, as well as a scientific view of the current situation in the media as an instrument for exercising minority rights.

One of the topics will be the religious media, and we are going to elaborate how these media contribute to minority communities.

From the point of view of the media profession, this year we are focusing on radio production, podcast and streaming.

The format of the event is a video production and it will be available on YouTube channel of Heror Media Pont, and on FB Pages Heror Media Pont and Media Pont.


The content is available in English and Serbian.

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26th November 2020

12:00 Opening video of the Conference

12:30 Lecture: ‘Minority Language Media in Europe and the Covid-19 pandemic: A study of 10 linguistic spheres, Craig Willis, junior researcher, European Centre for Minority Issues / Europa Universität Flensburg, Germany


14:00 Case Study: Storyteller, Slovakian-Serbian online media, Serbia




Moderator: Aradi Vladimir Huba, 4th-grade student, Grammar School ‘Isidora Sekulić’, Novi Sad


Damir Malešev, Philosophy teacher, Grammar School ‘Isidora Sekulić’, Novi Sad


Jelena Knežević, Sociology teacher, Grammar School ‘Isidora Sekulić’, Novi Sad


Mia Nedeljković, 4th-grade student, Grammar School ‘Isidora Sekulić’, Novi Sad


Ljiljana Nikolić, Civic Education teacher, Grammar School ‘Isidora Sekulić’, Novi Sad


November 27th 2020

10:00 Keynote speech: Open City-Innovation in Culture, Biljana Mickov, ( Novi Sad – Reims), Culture Researcher ,University of Reims Champange – Ardeen / Sorbonne (France) 



Marija Mandić, Senior research associate, Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy for Science and Art, Serbia


Vincze Loránt, FUEN president, MEP


Nataša Heror, CEO Heror Media Pont



Moderator: Vladimira Dorčova Valtnerova, Storyteller, Slovakian online media, Serbia


Aleksandra Bučko, Factory of Creativity and NDNV podcast (Independent journalists’ association of Vojvodina


Dragan Gmizić, Editor-in-Chief Multi radio’


Dejan Pavlović, podcast in Ruthenian language ‘Kolo kazanja’


Zlata Vasiljević, Editor-In-Chief ‘Hrvatska riječ’, Weekly in Croatian language, Serbia


Vladimir Radinović,



Moderator: Marko Tucakov, ‘Hrvatska riječ’, Croatian weekly, Serbia


Vinko Cvijin, priest of the Catholic Church in Vajska and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Zvonik’


Dušan Beređi, Pastor of the Protestant Christin Fellowship from Novi Sad, theologian, author of the YouTube programme “Theology with Morning Coffee”, one of the founders and leaders of the Rehabilitation Centre “Rainbow” for heroin addicts

Miroslav Keveždi, philosopher- religious and cultural studies scholar, Novi Sad