European Conference Devoted to Minority and Local Media as a Source of Inspiration for Innovation in the Media


The main topic of this year’s conference platform is the minority media as a tourism development resource, which is the reason why the Conference takes place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina, a point where businesses meet and GDP is generated, said Nataša Heror from Heror Media Pont, opening the 3rd European Conference Devoted to Minority and Local Media, which commenced in Novi Sad today.


Nataša Heror

“I believe that the conference dialogue will result in inspiring all the participants to be brave and innovative in creating new values in their business operations,” added Ms Heror.

Greeting a large number of those gathered, Branislav Mamić, Secretary of the Services Sector of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina, reminded of the fact that tourism is one of the most important elements of his Sector, which is the reason why the CCIV supports this year’s Conference.


Branislav Mamić

“Tourism, which we are focusing on today, is one of the fastest growing industries, and Vojvodina, with its natural and human resources has an excellent position, which is yet to be fully exploited. The two days of the conference will enable us to see how the minority media and the media in general can take an active part in promoting tourism in Vojvodina, that is, our tourist product,” said Mr Mamić.


Đula Ribar

On behalf of the Foundation Novi Sad ECoC 2021, the audience was addressed by Đula Ribar, who gave an overview of the Foundation’s activities, emphasising the fact that the implementation of the project Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture 2021 and values it promotes through its programmes give a direct contribution to the process of Serbia’s European integration.


“The Foundation 2021” has been supporting the European Conference Devoted to Minority and Local Media for three years now, because it appreciates the role of this media niche, which contributes to communication with the minority communities in their mother tongue. As an integral part of the programme arch named The Second Europe, this event brings into focus the minority media as an important phenomenon that, due to its capacities, should be recognised as a tourism development resource of both the City of Novi Sad and Vojvodina,” said Mr Ribar.


Izabela Branković

Izabela Branković, the Executive Manager of the Serbian Media Association, one of the organisers of this Conference for years now, stated at the opening of the event that this Conference was supported by all of the members of the Association, including the Novi Sad minority media offices of Magyar Szo, Rusko slovo and Hlas ludu.


At the Conference, the Media Association presented the project “Innovations in the Media” which began its implementation in the middle of this year. “The goal of the project is to provide assistance to the media so they can complete the transformation which will contribute to the formation of a sustainable business model”, said Branković, as a reminder that the first round table was held two weeks ago in Niš.


Gwyn Nissen from MIDAS expressed his pleasure at his organisation taking part in this conference platform, especially in the light of the fact that we live in the times of fast changes that affect the media as well.


“For example, the Danish media dare not look more than two years ahead in the context of their development, because we realistically cannot foresee what the future brings after that period,” said Nissen adding:


“MIDAS itself is undergoing a transformation. It was originally founded as an organisation of minority daily newspapers, but we realised that we had to extend our reach to include the minority online media as well. So, last year we included the online media in our organisation, because we can learn from them. We can combine our and their knowledge and experience for planning the future of our media.”


The official opening was followed by a surprise panel where moderator Branislav Mamić hosted Milan Mumin, the frontman of the band “Love Hunters” and the laureate of Novi Sad’s October Award 2019, and Slavko Matić, the frontman of the band “Zbogom Brus Li” (Goodbye Bruce Lee). Both panellists agreed that artists are true ambassadors of Novi Sad, a fact that needs to be repeated more frequently, and thus, the art scene of this city should receive more support. Undoubtedly, this session was an example of innovative approach to conference organisation, which sent a message to the media to show more courage and not to be afraid to experiment.



The participants of the round table “Innovations in the Media”, a part of the project of the Serbian Media Association, Gwyn Nissen (Denmark), Frank Jung (Germany and Szylvia Wolberger (Hungary) contributed a great deal to the discussion on the ways local media can introduce innovations into their journalist, media and even business approaches and practice. The audience was motivated for discussion, inspired by examples of good practice from two media – the German minority media Der Nordschleswiger from Denmark and sh:z Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag GmbH & Co KG from Germany, which have established formal cooperation with two other media through which they share content, but also work together on certain news stories.


“This does not mean that these media write in the same manner during this cooperation. On the contrary, they preserve their journalist DNA and the ability to report from their own perspective”, said Szilvia Wolberger, who was the facilitator of this round table.



The representatives of the media joined the round table discussion, especially the students of the vocational secondary school of electrical engineering from Novi Sad, who became regular participants of the European Conference Devoted to Minority and Local Media last year.


The agenda for tomorrow includes work and dialogue within four panels: Vojvodina as a tourist region, European minority and majority media as a resource for development of tourism, Media and ecology and the Ruthenian culture and tourism. You can read the agenda here



The Conference organisers are Heror Media Pont, Magyar szó, Storyteller, Ruske slovo, Center for development of minority and local media and the Media Association in cooperation with MIDAS.


The sponsors of the 3rd European Conference Devoted to Minority and Local media are the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities, the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities, Administration for Culture of the City of Novi Sad and the Foundation Novi Sad ECoC 2021.


The Conference sponsors are the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina and the Foundation Novi Sad ECoC 2021, and company Coca Cola is our long-term friend and in-kind sponsor.

Source: Heror Media Pont

Photo: Branko Vujkov, Csilla David